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About us

Pulzus is a new, innovative research tool: an app for Android smartphones and iPhones, as well as Facebook chat. With Pulzus, voting becomes an experience. For each of your votes, we give you points to redeem for valuable gifts and prizes. We believe that expression is not only an inalienable right, but an opportunity.

It's your chance to get to know and shape the world around us. Because you can vote not only every four years, but, with Pulzus, every day! Voting is not compulsion, but fun and learning at the same time. The larger the Pulzus-community is and the more people who regularly express our opinions we have, the more opportunities we have to influence the decisions that affect our lives.

The Pulzus-community opinion is analyzed by the most competent opinion poll experts in Hungary to improve the technology and methodology of community decision-making. The voting is anonymus, we take great care of your personal information and will not share it with anyone.

​Join the Pulzus-community because we care about your opinion!